"Persons with disabilities make up a small proportion of our local population, but their disabilities and corresponding needs are diverse. Much of our work also involves building an inclusive society, so persons with disabilities are better enabled to live, learn, work and play independently."
Ku Geok Boon
Chief Executive Officer of SG Enable, the agency behind Enabling Village

Issues explored: accessibility by design, disability in art

Lim Lee Lee

A reflection by Lim Lee Lee, a visually impaired producer of theatre and disability arts

"I believe that if abled artists can command thousands of dollars, disabled artists should be able to command fair compensation. This is something I’m advocating for and want to see change in the next few years. It’s not easy, I know, but somebody has to stand up to do something. I think that Singapore should be ready to move towards other formats like True Colors Festivals instead of supporting disabled artists for the sake of supporting them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re disabled as it’s about the craft. I just hope that one day disabled artists can perform with mainstream artists on the same stage, not on a separate stage."

In Conversation With: Lim Lee Lee, blind theatre artist championing disability arts | THG