New York City, USA

"I love New York City. But many days, I feel like New York doesn't love me back. It isn't made for me, a person with a disability. And worst of all, nobody cares about changing that."
Rebecca Lamorte
Disability Advocate, Political Analyst, Former New York City Council Candidate

Issues explored: access to transportation, living wage, politics and legislation

Sarah Kim

A personal account of Sarah Kim, disability journalist with cerebral palsy

"I use an electric wheelchair when I travel long distances for safety and time-efficiency reasons. During my undergraduate years at an Upper Manhattan college, I always travelled 20 blocks to get to the nearest accessible subway station. And if by luck the elevator was working, I’d just hope it was a good day and the have faith that the elevator at my destination would be operational too.

However there were countless time when I’d be stuck on the subway platforms with a broken elevator. In these situations I had one of two options: wait for Good Samaritans to pass by to help me carry my 60-pound (27kg) chair – a significant upgrade from my 250-pound (213 kg) one I had during my first year living in the city. I’ve learned my lesson quickly – up the flight of stairs. My next best option was to get back on the train and ride it to the next closest station – which can be as far as a dozen stops away – and either take the bus or travel on the opposite side of the subway track to arrive at my destination again."

Inaccessible Cities | AlJazeera Contrast

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